“We are committed to promoting respect for differences, equal opportunity, and diversity in our institution. We believe in the power of education and the value of expanding access and opportunity to all individuals.”

Matthew Flippen, President, Hartwell University

Hartwell University Students Are Resilient and Unique

Our students come from all backgrounds and walks of life. As a Hartwell University student, you become part of a diverse student body that provides a rich learning environment. Here you can learn alongside students with different life experiences and situations in an online environment. Many of our students represent typically underserved populations, are first-generation college students, or both.  We’re also proud to support military members and spouses and those in rural areas. Drawing on your rich life experiences and diverse education, our students bring unique perspectives to online learning and then go on to enrich their local communities, giving back and expanding the reach of Hartwell University.

You’re uniquely created in the image of God. Your university experience should value your uniqueness and treat you with the dignity that we hope you will treat your own students.  We know that each student is different and that diversity brings strength—it’s why our mission is to do all we can to help you succeed. Our focus is you, the student. This focus drives us to offer high-quality, equitable higher education that’s accessible regardless of where you live or your background. Education is the gateway to a fulfilling life. By putting degree opportunities within reach and improving access to learning, we advance equity for every student within our reach.

We aim to cultivate a diverse environment where you can grow. In removing barriers to entry, we aim to foster an atmosphere where each student feels comfortable to be themselves. Hartwell University is dedicated to providing a space for learning where respect reigns and appreciation of differences builds bridges. In everything we do, diversity and equal opportunity are at the forefront.

At Hartwell University, we practice what we preach. Equality and equal opportunity are not just ideals that we mention, but rather constant guiding pillars.  Our vision is that our efforts reach beyond the virtual classroom. We hope to build communities where every individual is respected and open communication between different groups is natural and unifying.

Our School Systems Are Extremely Diverse

If we plan to address the needs of K-12 education, then we must train teachers that represent the communities where those teachers will teach.  This is part of the reason we want paraprofessionals to join Hartwell.  This group of amazing people are as diverse as their school systems.

How Diversity Benefits Hartwell University Students

Broader Networking

A diverse student network gives you access to many different perspectives and opportunities across the nation. You may find Hartwell University grads from varying backgrounds residing in many communities throughout the country. We’re proud to have such a diverse student body.

Inclusive Education

Our goal is to create a learning environment catered to all kinds of learners. If you can’t take classes during the day, you don’t have to. If you move regularly due to military assignments, that’s ok. If you need to pause your coursework to help your family, we accommodate. In short, Hartwell University is specifically built to be inclusive of every person in every life situation.

Diverse Experience

We endeavor to provide curriculum and learning experiences that broaden your understanding and increase unity in the world and in your community. It is in understanding and working together with diverse groups that we gain greater empathy, compassion, and strength.