Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about earning your bachelor’s degree and being a highly prepared, impactful teacher? Contact us today.

You can make a life-changing impact on a child, many who need hope, a mentor, and a hero. Tens of thousands of new teachers are needed every year.

What are the admissions requirements?

The 3 criteria are:



Does Hartwell University offer financial aid?

Hartwell’s tuition is highly affordable and paid monthly while you are in the program.    We want students to graduate debt-free.   Hartwell offers institutional scholarships to students currently working on K-12 campuses in certain states.  When you apply to Hartwell, your application is automatically considered for the institutional scholarship.  Contact our team for additional questions or information.

Do my existing credits transfer to Hartwell University?

Hartwell University accepts up to 60 transfer credit hours from accredited institutions.

How quickly can I finish my degree program?

It is possible to complete your degree program in 48 months or less depending on how many courses you take each term and how many credits you transfer to Hartwell from other accredited institutions.

Is Hartwell University accredited?

Hartwell University has been granted a Certificate of Approval by the Texas Workforce Commission Career Schools and Colleges. Hartwell University (S6148) has met the legal requirements prescribed in Chapter 132, Texas Education Code, and is authorized to operate as outlined in the application submitted in accordance with Section 132.052 under the provisions of that act.

What degree programs are available?

Hartwell University is specifically a teaching college and all students who meet the completion requirements graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Transformational Christian Education.

Are the courses self-paced?

All courses are 8 weeks long.  There are weekly assignment deadlines.  We will nurture you through the process so you’ll be confident in your ability to succeed. 

What teaching paths are available?
  • Elementary
  • Secondary
  • Special Education
When can I start?

We offer 5 terms per year that are 8 weeks each.  You can start at the beginning of any term.

  • Fall 1 Term – August 15 – October 9, 2022
  • Fall 2 Term – October 17 – December 11, 2022
  • Spring 1 Term – January 16 – March 12, 2023
  • Spring 2 Term – March 20 – May 14, 2023
  • Summer Term – June 5 – July 30, 2023


What support will I receive in the classroom after I complete my teaching degree?

– Connection to a small team of other program graduates who will provide support, encouragement and accountability.

– Access to a mentor coach to help brainstorm through opportunities and challenges.

– Access to our alumni services that includes continuing education and training.

What does tuition cost?

Tuition for the 120 credit hour bachelor’s degree program is $88.80 per credit hour which equates to $10,656 for your entire degree program.  No textbooks or other fees are charged.  Tuition is paid monthly at $222 per month for 48 months for students joining Hartwell University with zero prior college credits.