How will you learn at Hartwell?

“Complete Immersion” is the best way to describe your transformational experience with Hartwell.

What is “Complete Immersion?”

At Hartwell University, we’ve believe that using Bloom’s Taxonomy plus two additional factors (Wisdom & Faith) is the best of method to ensure a complete and thorough immersion in a topic.

You will have the opportunity to:

  1. Remember content that you’ve read, researched, listened to and/or watched on video
  2. Understand the uses of this content and knowledge
  3. Apply those uses to your own teaching and if you are a paraprofessional, you’ll be able to instruct your K12 students in this content as well.
  4. Analyze the use of the course content and examine potential impacts on your teaching
  5. Evaluate and validate your knowledge on the topic by serving as an instructional coach to classmates in their delivery of their knowledge.
  6. Create additional applications and uses for your new knowledge.
  7. Discern how this knowledge will improve your performance as an educator.
  8. Connect your faith and biblical truth to the implications and use of this knowledge.

Since Hartwell expects its students to be working on a K12 campus, you’ll have the opportunity to observe other teachers leading their classes in the content area.  You will also have the opportunity to lead K12 students in learning the same content you are acquiring.  When you deliver instruction to K12 students, you’ll have the opportunity to receive specific feedback using a Hartwell instructional rubric so that you can constantly grow through actionable guidance.

  • Learn by being an Instructional Coach
  • Learn by observing Classroom Teachers
  • Learn through small group discussions with peer future teachers
  • Learn by reflecting on your own experiences

5 Things You’ll Love about Hartwell

There are many reasons that students choose Hartwell.  For most, affordably, online courses, accelerated completion possibilities and direct application to teaching make Hartwell the right choice.  As a university that is obsessed with student success, our main goal is to ensure that all types of learners can benefit from their Hartwell experience. See the top five reasons that students love their experience at Hartwell.

1. Graduate Faster

Accelerate your learning and pay less.

At Hartwell, our tuition model is among the lowest in country. Our flat monthly tuition payment makes it possible for all students to access the teaching degree they desire.

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2. Online and Fully Supported by Mentors

Never alone. Mentors and student communities.

Just because you’re getting your degree online, it doesn’t mean that you’re alone. Hartwell has mentors who are with you every step of the way, from the day you enroll to the day you graduate. You can also join student communities to connect, network, and interact with other students, helping you along your path.

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3. Fit School into Your Life Instead of Forcing Your Life into School

Setting a schedule that works for you.

No set class times. No need to log in for live discussions.  Hartwell’s courses are truly flexible so you can do your coursework any time you want. Early in the morning, at nights, over the weekend—any time can be school time with Hartwell. Create time to do your courses when it works for your life, not the other way around.

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4. Learning Whenever and Wherever You Want

Resources whenever and wherever you need them.

With an online university like Hartwell, you can access your textbook and course material anywhere you have internet access at any time. This is crucial in allowing students to have the flexibility they need to make their schooling fit with their lives, anywhere they are. You can access your coursework in the middle of the day or night, on vacation or at home.

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5. Focused on Learning

Proving mastery

Hartwell’s unique learning model is focused directly on your knowledge. With Hartwell, you are given feedback and the opportunity to master a subject.  That may mean that at times you have the opportunity to resubmit an assignment to improve your grade.  That may mean the feedback you receive when applied to your next assignment will increase your ability to earn a higher grade.

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How Degree Progression Works at Hartwell

Your advisor will work with you to develop a degree plan that fits your goals and schedule.  You’ll progress through the program at the pace you set with your advisor.

Your Teaching Degree is Attainable.

Hartwell University is the best choice for those wanting to make an impact as an educator and that need an online affordable effective teaching degree.