An Investment In Your Teaching Degree Is Worth It

When you invest in a teaching degree, you’re putting in not only money, but also valuable time. Each minute you spend learning skills and earning your degree will pay great dividends. Here’s why investing time and money in a Hartwell University Teaching Degree is worth the effort:

  • Increased salary potential—on average, paraprofessionals that become teachers see an average salary increase of more than $18,000 per year.
  • Greater potential to advance into leadership positions.
  • Ability to offer instructional coaching to others.
  • Increased knowledge and skills working with ELL and Special Education students.
  • Expanded network and support group of colleagues across multiple districts.
  • Increased job stability because of your enhanced skill set

Invest in Yourself and Get Started Today

There’s never been a better time to invest in yourself. We help by saving you both time and money while you earn your transformational education degree. We’ll work closely with you to find the best path and provide financing options to help you further your education and earn a teaching degree.

Low Tuition is a Priority

  • We keep tuition low at Hartwell University to make education accessible to all learners.
  • Our online course format lowers operation expenses, allowing us to keep tuition costs lower.
  • At only $88.80 per credit hour, your entire degree will cost $10,656. This is paid over 48 months at just $222 per month.  There are no extra textbooks or other fees.
  • Practical application ensures the teaching skills you acquire are put into use right away.
  • Scholarships put already-affordable tuition even more within reach.

Actual ROI at Hartwell University

Return on investment isn’t just something we talk about—it’s real. In addition to the community impact you make as a skilled and newly credentialed member of your campus, there’s a real monetary return.

Teachers with a bachelor’s degree see a salary increase of over $19,000 on average when moving from a paraprofessional role.