We understand what it means to have a calling.

Hartwell University strives to support amazing people that want to become impactful educators by providing a highly affordable online path to a teaching degree.

Our Mission is to prepare competent compassionate K-12 educators equipped to positively impact the lives of children from a biblical worldview through innovative, transformative, and affordable online higher education.

We are mission-driven to compassionately meet the education needs of our most vulnerable young citizens in a way that demonstrates the value God places in us all.

If you are on the journey to Greater Purpose, let us be your guide.

3 reasons to partner with us:

  1. We are a team of experienced educators.
  2. We are committed to helping you grow closer to Jesus while preparing you be an amazing educator.
  3. We are dedicated to supporting you throughout your career in education.

Experience the

Let's come together and


Strategic Partner

Black Women Empowered (BWE) is a Christian ministry that provides encouragement, motivation and inspiration.  Hartwell University is honored to partner with BWE in our mission to provide an affordable online teaching degree for those that need a path to becoming amazing educators.

What People Learn In Our Program

If you are seeking to become a teacher, we provide you with the skills necessary to thrive in the classroom. Topics you’ll cover include:

Excellent Instruction

Content Frameworks

Curriculum Development

Reading Strategies for All Ages

Being a Teacher that glorifies God

Culture and Learning

Research-Based Curriculum

We continually update our curriculum to provide the most effective and relevant material so that you can best serve the students you teach.


See what makes our bachelor's degree program so AFFORDABLE.


Why we do what we do

Educators shape the hopes, dreams and aspirations of their students.  We believe that empowering passionate people with biblical-based skills and principles will bring out the best in the children you will teach.



If you have a heart to inspire all children and a desire to help them succeed, we’ll give you the tools needed to fulfill your calling.



You’ll be joining our family and creating another family in the classroom you lead. So many children need a healthy encouraging place that feels like home.



When you show a child that has lost hope that they have value and that God loves them, your impact will never be forgotten.



We'll guide to be able to lead your classroom with excellence. Children from all backgrounds and neighborhoods will be enriched because of your efforts and preparation.

Do you want to make an impact on others as a teacher? Apply for free today and we will guide you to fulfilling your goals.