Our mission is to see every child taught by a certified, prepared, caring educator.  That means we want you to graduate and be the hero in a child’s life.  Too many children are without hope.  They need you to answer the call, put in the effort and complete the journey to becoming an amazing educator. 

Earning your degree can not only open the door to a career with purpose, it can change families and communities for generations. From admission to graduation, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

The admission process is simple and straightforward.

1. Complete application form.

2. Submit official transcripts.

3. Sign your enrollment agreement.




Your success is our #1 goal — your support starts now.

Helping our students succeed is at the heart of everything we do. If you have any questions about admission or our degree program or would like help with any part of the process, your Enrollment Advisor is there to provide all the support you need.

Admissions FAQs

What are the admissions qualifications?
  1. High School Graduate or Equivalent
When do classes start?

We offer 5 terms per year that are 8 weeks each.  You can start at the beginning of any term.

  • Fall 1 Term – Begins Mid-August
  • Fall 2 Term – Begins Mid-October
  • Spring 1 Term – Begins Mid-January
  • Spring 2 Term – Begins Mid-March
  • Summer Term – Begins Early June
What’s the process for enrollment?
  1. Submit your application
  2. Submit your official transcripts to transcripts@hartwell-education.org
  3. Sign your enrollment agreement
Am I obligated to enroll once I submit my application?

Submitting your application is risk-free and does not obligate you to enroll. 

How long is my application valid?

Applications do not expire.

What are tuition, fees and financial aid options?
  • Application Fee: $0.00
  • Enrollment Fee: $0.00
  • Monthly Tuition: $222.00 for 48 months
  • Additional Textbooks and Fees: $0.00
  • Request for Transcript Fee: $10.00

Hartwell does not participate in any federal financial aid programs.

Other Aid Options:

Institutional Scholarships – Institutional scholarships are available to students who demonstrate financial need and are currently serving in a school system as non-certified staff. To apply, please check the box indicating your desire to be considered for the institutional scholarship on the application for admission found on the Hartwell website.

Private Loans – Students may apply for private student loans from various providers, but Hartwell strongly encourages students to avoid incurring student loan debt, unless absolutely necessary. See this page for more on private loans. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for private student loans.

Third-Party Scholarships – You may search for third-party scholarships to which you could apply by going to the Department of Labor’s scholarship site.

Third-Party Scholarships for Students with Disabilities – Students with disabilities may review this guide to financial aid for students with disabilities.

What are the technology requirements?

See this link for all technology requirements: https://hartwell-education.org/technology-requirements/

What are the Program Learning Objectives?

Bachelor of Science Transformational Christian Education – Program Learning Objectives

PLO 1: Develop and execute proficiency in communication.

PLO 2: Demonstrate content knowledge and pedagogical skills.

PLO 3: Use assessment strategies to evaluate progress towards desired outcomes.

PLO 4: Utilize current technology concepts to design, implement and assess learning experiences.

PLO 5: Apply and evaluate culturally responsive teaching practices to help all K-12 students learn.

PLO 6: Develop and demonstrate the application of a biblical worldview.

Your journey to becoming the hero in a child’s life is about to begin.  Let us guide you through the process to becoming a world changer.

Enrollment Checklist
Ready to Apply?

  1. APPLY: In less than 10 minutes and confirm your eligibility for the program
  2. SUBMIT TRANSCRIPTS: We will review these within 2 business days in most cases.

In most cases you will receive an acceptance decision via email.

After submitting your application electronically, have your official transcript(s) sent by email to transcripts@hartwell-education.org or by mail to Hartwell, 10000 N. Central Expressway, Suite 400, Dallas TX 75231.


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Basic Requirements for Admission to Hartwell

The 2 criteria are:

  • Submit an Application and copy of government-issued ID
  • Submit Official Transcripts confirming completion of high school or equivalent



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