If you have a calling to help students succeed, join us in our efforts to see every child taught by a caring, prepared educator.  You’ll find with us flexibility, affordability, quality, and personalized support.

Curriculum that prepares you to be an amazing educator.

Program consists of: 40 Courses

We designed this program to be timely, relevant, and practical—in other words, to make sure your bachelor’s degree proves you’ve acquired the advanced knowledge and skills to help students learn.

Every course focuses on clearly defined competencies you must prove you’ve learned—through tests, papers, projects, or other assessments. Demonstrating mastery is how you pass a course, so learning what it takes to be an outstanding educator is at the heart of our program.

120 Hour Credit Program to receive a Bachelor of Science in Transformational Christian Education.

Transformational Education Courses

TCED 102 – Principles of Teaching in Christian Education
TCED 201 – Introduction to Christian Education
TCED 210 – Using Your Giftings Through Fine Arts in the Classroom
TCED 301 – Transformational Methods of Elementary Education
TCED 311 – Transformational Methods and Materials in ESL/SpEd
TCED 320 – Transformational Teaching Methods
TCED 330 – Transformational Elementary and Secondary Curriculum
TCED 410 – Transformational Classroom Assessment
TCED 420 – Teaching all of God’s Children

TCED 441 – Field Experience I
TCED 442 – Field Experience 2
TCED 443 – Field Experience 3
TCED 444 – Field Experience 4

Communications Courses

CMIN 101 – Reading and Composition
CMIN 102 – Writing for Research
CMIN 110 – Communications in Ministry
CMIN 201 – Christian Literature 1
CMIN 202 – Christian Literature 2
CMIN 300 – Cross Cultural Communication

Broad Knowledge and Intellectual Skills Courses

CMIN 205 – Introduction to Psychology and Biblical Guidance
CMIN 210 – Microeconomics & Biblical Stewardship
CMIN 211 – Macroeconomics & Biblically Aligned Policy
CMIN 310 – Personality Development from a Biblical Worldview
CSI 101 – Physical Science through a Biblical Worldview
CSI 201 – Foundations of Chemistry
CSI 202 – Biology and the Bible
HEAL 101 – Caring for Mind, Body and Spirit
HST 101 – Influence of Christianity on Early United States History
HST 102 – Influence of Christianity on Recent United States History
MTH 101 – Introduction to Mathematics for Christian Educators
MTH 102 – College Algebra
MTH 201 – Introduction to Probability & Statistics
MTH 401 – Math for K-12 Christian Educators

PHIL 403 – World Religions
PLS 201 – Judeo Christian Influence on US Govt & Economic System
PLS 202 – Judeo Christian Influence on State & Local Govt

SOSC 210 – Human Geography

Christian Life, Thought and Social Responsibility Courses

BIBL 101 – New Testament Discovery
BIBL 201 – Following Jesus and Spiritual Formation
BIBL 300 – Gospel Movements of Jesus

Is now a good time to become an educator? ABSOLUTELY!

Schools need committed, caring, prepared educators to step into the lives of their students and help them reach their potential. Will you be the one that inspires a child to aim high?


State Licensure Requirements

Each state in the U.S. has specific testing requirements that must be met or completed in addition to completing your bachelor’s degree program at Hartwell. Teacher licensure requirements vary depending on state laws and may include a number of factors, such as:

  • Completion of a bachelor’s degree program
  • Submission of official transcripts
  • Completion and clearance of a background check
  • Passing of required entrance exams and basic skills tests