Don’t let finances stand in the way of your goals.  With our low monthly tuition, you’ll be able to earn your bachelor’s degree and become an educator.


Undergraduate tuition is $88.80 per credit hour or $10,656 for the 120 credit hour degree plan.  For students with zero college credits, tuition is paid monthly at $222.00 per month beginning with the first payment due on the date of the first term the student begins their degree program. Tuition includes textbooks and materials.  Students will not need to purchase any additional resources for their courses.

If a student withdraws from the university, the student is released from tuition payments after the date of withdrawal.

For more information see tuition, scholarships and refunds.

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Institutional Scholarships – Institutional scholarships are available to students who demonstrate financial need and are currently serving as non-certified staff. To apply, please check the box indicating your desire to be considered for the institutional scholarship on the application for admission found on the Hartwell website.

Private Loans – Students may apply for private student loans from various providers, but Hartwell strongly encourages students to avoid incurring student loan debt, unless absolutely necessary. See this page for more on private loans.  Undergraduate students are eligible for private student loans.

Third-Party Scholarships – You may search for third-party scholarships to which you could apply by going to the Department of Labor’s scholarship site.

Third-Party Scholarships for Students with Disabilities – Students with disabilities may review this guide to financial aid for students with disabilities.

NOTE: Hartwell does not participate in any Federal Financial Aid programs.