Institutional Outcomes

Institutional learning outcomes are the outcomes that all Hartwell students should have upon graduation. Students completing a Hartwell degree will achieve the outcomes below in each of these domains:

1. Communication. 

Construct sustained, coherent arguments, narratives or explications of issues, problems or technical issues and processes, in writing and at least one other medium, to general and specific audiences.

2. Broad Knowledge and Intellectual Skills. 

Apply practical skills, literacy, technology skills, critical thinking and lifelong learning skills in personal and professional life, utilizing knowledge from Social and Behavioral Sciences, Humanities, Arts, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Christian Education, and other fields.

3. Christian Life, Thought and Social Responsibility.

Develop a life plan for their own personal vocation, life balance and calling, as well as bringing social change to the world in line with Christian values. Articulate a Christian worldview within their profession and its impact on their approach to work in their field and implications for social responsibility. Develop plans and competencies to increase personal and organizational cross-cultural effectiveness.