Tuition, Scholarships and Refunds

Our degree program is the most affordable online Christian degree program of its type.

Student Financial Charges

Undergraduate tuition is $88.80 per credit hour or $10,656 for the 120 credit hour degree plan.  For students with zero college credits, tuition is paid monthly at $222.00 per month for 48 months beginning with the first payment due on the date of the first term the student begins their degree program. Tuition includes textbooks and materials.  Students will not need to purchase any additional resources for their courses.

If a student withdraws from the university, the student is released from tuition payments after the date of withdrawal. The date the registrar confirms receipt of withdrawal notice is considered the date of withdrawal.

Students requesting transcripts pay a $10 fee per transcript. 

Failure to Make Payment
If at any point in time a student fails to make a monthly payment and is not on a “paused” plan, the student will have a financial hold placed on their account. A financial hold means that the student will not be able to register for next semester courses or receive an official transcript from the University until the balance has been paid.

Discounts and Scholarships

No tuition discounts are available at this time.

Institutional Scholarships – Institutional scholarships are available on a limited basis to students that demonstrate financial need and are currently serving in a public school as non-certified staff. To apply, please check the box indicating your desire to be considered for the institutional scholarship on the application for admission found on the Hartwell University website.

Cancellation Policy

Undergraduate students may apply to Hartwell at no charge, as stated at Students who cancel their enrollment within 5 days of signing the enrollment agreement will receive a full refund of any monies paid to the university. In order to communicate their cancellation, students should email or call (512) 812-2000.

Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition refunds may be obtained when a student withdraws from the university. Refunds are calculated based on the date the student submits their withdrawal notice.

If a student withdraws from the university, students will be refunded at the following rates:

The following is a sample refund calculation:

A student enrolled in one course for $266.40, but withdrew in the 2nd week (6-14 days). Therefore, the student was entitled to a 80% refund. After the refund the student owes $53.28 ($266.40 * 80% = $213.12, and $266.40 – $213.12 = $53.28).

For students who withdraw and have a credit balance as a result, any overpayment will be refunded within 30 days of dropping out.

Monthly tuition payment may be paused for no more than 6 months.

To request a pause in tuition payments or to withdraw from the university, students need to email or call (512) 812-2000.

Visit our Cost of Attendance page for additional information.